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A few boys in our ministry decided to pay homage to the worlds greatest boy band (besides the Bee Gee’s). From live back stage to the real deal performance. This will bless you! You may even cry! You will be blown away!!!


Sillyness in the office!! Its good to wind down.

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We work hard in the ‘Love is’ office and to keep ourselves sain and loving life we like to wind down with some good old fashion Nerf gun therapy. Things like this will help you keep longevity in ministry…trust me its funny!!

This is like a real life documentary! when Animals could potentially attack!

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Had one of my great leaders Jimmy with me in Capetown. I managed to inspire him to pretend to be a wounded animal so he could attrack the near by cheetah. In my opinion this is funny!!!!

Fun adventures in South Africa, patting a Cheetah!!

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Had a great time with my friends at View Church in Capetown, South Africa. So much fun! Got the oppertunity to patt a Chettah. All they had was an old guy holding it back??? dont think he would have done much, but i am pretty sure i could have scratched it back…i did grow up with 4 older sisters!!

The best Giraffe ‘running’ impersonation ever!

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Just had a great night at our Loveis community launch. You know when you have a good night, everyone is pumped, and you think you just cant top it? well this was the icing on the cake. The best Giraffe ‘running’ impersonation i’ve ever seen, thanks to one of our key leaders.

Hanging with Stan Walker…we laughed, we cried, we sang Beyonce

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Had an awesome night with Autralian Idol winner Stan Walker at our Heart of Worship night. He nailed it! I never met someone who is so into Beyonce, but hey, she is pretty good, she’s no Shakira, but she rocks (hahahah). In all honesty Stan is an amazing guy, and with his talent & my coaching he could go straight to the top.

This is so so so funny! Jono & Delta duo! thats right, duo!

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Just finished preaching at the SunCoast Community Church Leaders retreat  up in Noosa and was driving in the car with the youth pastor Jono who didnt realise i was filming him display his closet crush for Delta Goodrem! this is probably one of the funniest things i have seen!